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Product name : TDK V513 Wireless Sound Cube

title short Description : The TDK Life on Record Wireless Sound Cube combines innovative design and cutting edge Bluetooth® wireless technology to deliver a stylish and portable music experience. As visually arresting as it is sonically impressive, delivering 360 degrees of TDK Signature Sound, the Wireless Sound Cube also brings the ultimate in technological flexibility. Whether it’s in the corner or the middle of the room, the wireless Sound Cube provides the flexibility to select sound direction for the best audio possible. Adjustable bass and treble provide custom control of your music and the USB charging port lets you power your device while you listen. Whether you take the party with you or have it at home, the wireless Sound Cube gives you the latest in technology with superior sound.

TDK V513 Wireless Sound Cube Features :

  • Unique design delivers 360° of room filling
  • Near lossless wireless audio streaming
  • Switches from omni directional to directional sound
  • Adjustable bass and treble equalization for ideal sound performance
  • Remote control

TDK V513 Wireless Sound Cube

Category: Speaker Systems
Brand: TDK
Rating : 4.0
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Quite good sound, but poor controls and cheap plastic construction
The TDK Sound Cube V513 is a slightly strange niche product: it’s compact but not super-portable, and it needs to be plugged into the wall, but plays audio wirelessly via Bluetooth. (It also has a mini auxiliary audio port, and a USB jack that only charges but won’t play audio from iOS devices — a strange and frustrating omission.)

The unit’s build quality is not impressive for the price (it’s made entirely of cheap black plastic) but it gets the job done and feels solid. Setting the unit up is the most obnoxious part of using it: its control knobs are cheap, mushy-feeling and extremely unintuitive, and a complex series of turns and pushes is needed to make Bluetooth pairing work. (Windows also has some difficulty sending audio to the V513, which isn’t TDK’s fault, but Mac OS X and iOS set up with it pretty easily.) And it’s also annoying to have to switch the unit back and forth between already-paired devices and computers, rather than it knowing enough to switch…

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